OY! TO THE WORLD Hanukkah Balloon Banner Set


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For the perfect Hanukkah Decorations, you'll want this OY! TO THE WORLD balloon banner set.

Set comes with (12) letter balloons plus (1) exclamation mark balloon for the extra emphasis on the OY. Each balloon is 16" tall. Plus choose from Blue, Silver, Gold, or Rose Gold. Your package will include ribbon and a straw for filling the letter balloons. Our small 16" letter balloons (14" tall inflated) are air-fill only.

No helium is required and we include everything you need. Each balloon has built in hang tabs for hanging. Letter balloons are self-sealing.

Customize this phrase in our Balloon Builder at the bottom of this page, or by clicking HERE.

Did you know you can spell Chanukah 16 different ways? Here are the top 8:

Hanukkah Chanukah Hanukah Hannukah Chanuka Chanukkah Hanuka Channukah

Rose Gold

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